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Ahoy Mate! This is a custom product designed to fit your personal theme.

Be creative and use the Sea Kins gift Boat to share the Seaheart and its Legend of Good Luck with every guest that enters or leaves your home.

The personalized boat can be painted with your colors, logo, name, theme etc. The craft is then filled with a boat load of unpolished seahearts ( Sea Kins) with googly eyes, giving each seaheart talisman its own personality. Have fun dressing up the sea kids with your own creative add ons, like glue on hair, glasses, a mouth, etc..

The boat also comes with a Legend Scroll for every seaheart friend aboard!

You can add gift packaging seperatly, like windowboxes, giftbags, paperbags etc...( see Talismans SHOP page for all choices of gift packaging)

Sea - Kins in custom Boat.

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