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PADMA SEAT : See our video on YouTube : for sizing chart and testimonials.

Our model explains Padma Seat benefits, adjustment and how to get the most from your meditation.

Padma Seat is a revolutionary Yoga Aid and Spinal support belt.
It is an adjustable belt, but designed to fit YOUR correct body it comes in sizes from Small, Medium, Large and XL...please see sizing instructions below:

We currently are stocking Padma Seat in WHITE and BLACK. see photos.

A Padma Seat can greatly benefit your Meditation, prolonged Padma Asana practice and enjoyment of the Art of Mindful Sitting.

Using a Padma Seat may help you sit longer, and go deeper, into your meditation.

It corrects posture and gives spinal alignment and back support.

It strengthens your posterior core and abdominal muscles and revitalizes your body as you sit peacefully and effortlessly. ​

Some people find using a yoga block or pillow to raise the hips and drop the knees can help by tilting the sacrum forward and

straightening the spine.​

We sincerely believe you will get great results with this simple, but effective meditation tool.

Ordering the wrong size, and having to send it back, and get the right size is frustrating and expensive, avoid this by measuring yourself first. Read the instructions below before ordering yours.

What PADMA SEAT size are you?

Step 1: Sit in cross legged position (Lotus Position - easy pose)

Step 2: Using a tape, measure from one kneecap, around your back, keeping the tape measure level, it should wrap around your hips and measure to the other kneecap.
If you fall on the cusp in a size range, choose the next larger size. Example: If you measure 140 cm take a Medium size.

120 to 130cm - 47" to 51" - XS - Extra Small
130 to 140cm - 51" to 55" - S - Small
140 to 150cm - 55" to 59" - M - Medium
150 to 160cm - 59" to 63" - L - Large
160 to 170cm - 63" to 66" - XL - Extra Large

Padma seat is presently available in WHITE and BLACK in Sm, Med, Lg and XL sizes.
We have 1 XL Padma is Burgundy Wine color.
Sorry but we do not stock the Blue or Burgundy colors that may be available elsewhere.

Padma Seat Yoga and Meditation Belt for Spinal support and prolonged comfortably

Primary Color
    • Handmade

    • Materials: Silky Soft strong material, Black Nylon Strap Belt, YKK Clasp buckle closure, Adjustable Belt, Pocket size Carry Bag, Tasteful Packaging Tamper seal, PadmaSeat Silk screened logo, Padma Seat website Support, Padma Seat Woven Label, Instruction sizing online support, Promotional video How to Padma, Draw string and Locking bag closure, Black or White Parachute Nylon Fabric

  • We accept all returns within 30 days and re pay total less Ship charges.We are located in Montreal, Canada and ship worldwide by Air Mail.Contact us for details on Returns & Refunds

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