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A very Large wood beaded necklace fit for a King sized personality.
This sea heart seed Pendant necklace we named Smile Orange!
A statement jewelry piece, its big, its chunky and its ALL Orange!
Strung on leather cord with glass and huge vintage wood beads with Amber Lucite spacers.
You will be empowered by this necklace as soon as you put it around your neck.
Sea Hearts attract positive energy and come with reminiscence of the Great Amazon Rain forest force from where it was born.
Read the seaheart legend story, it comes with all sea heart jewelry and is also on our website with great videos too.
Check us on our Youtube channel MrSeaheart or at our site since 1997 at
We make the most original seabean jewellery on the internet...and have the finest polished sea hearts on the planet.
Look no further, your Sea Heart luck has washed ashore in a Smile Orange Necklace pendant.
This necklaces comes in an Orange satin jewelry bag with the Legends of the Sea Heart story scroll.
SIZE Specifications:
24 Inches long
254 Grams in weight

Smile Orange

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