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Sea Heart Key Chains are handmade from a polished and selected Sea Heart seed.

We use genuine leather, nickel fastenings and an assortment of glass, wood, resin, bone and pewter beads from around the globe.

 The Key Ring is enforced with epoxy glue at the eyelet that screws into the Sea Heart, and at the closure where the leather loops around the key ring. So these key chains are tough and can survive your travels, like the sea heart seed that voyages 10,000 miles across the Atlantic, your SeaHeart Keychain is your trusted first mate, always there to help guide and protect you, on your journey.


The keychain is gift packaged in a paper Mache Window box.

Remove the inner cardboard panel and you can customize the front box top window with a photo or drawing, card, note, invitation of your own design!

The SeaHeart Keychain is nestled inside on a bed of Kraft shredded paper with the Legends of the Sea Heart story scroll.

A decorative gold elastic cord secures the box top and its contents inside.

SeaHeart key chains make great gifts for occasions like a new car, new home, boat, school, job, travel, etc. This is a unique key ring; the sea heart is alive and feels warm and smooth in your hand. People tend to get attached to their seahearts, making this keychain hard to lose and hard to forget. This makes it the ideal keychain and gift.

Buy one for yourself and a friend, and have an extra always available for when you need a little unexpected thank you gift.

This is your lucky key chain…don’t leave home without it.


Persian Tile Sea Heart Key Chain

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