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girls and guy sporting seaheart sea bean necklaces
sea heart necklaces
Sea Heart Jewelry & Gifts
talisman seaheart sea bean in paper bag
SeaHeart Talisman
Wine Sea Heart Satin Bag.jpg
SeaHeart Necklace
SeaHeart Key Chain

The Legend is rolled into a scroll and comes with every sea  heart GIFT.

       The seaheart legend scroll is available in FRENCH on request.

Talismans   ❤  Necklaces   ❤   Key Chains

 Unique handmade Art made with Heart.

Every Sea Heart is individual.

Different in size, shape, color, and personality,

with slight imperfections just like us too!


We beach comb and search the jungle

for each elusive sea heart bean we find & sell.

The best are chosen,

Polished to perfection,

Tastefully gift packaged and offered to you,

with love.


Choose from:


Talismans -  Key Chains -  Pendant Necklaces


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