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World's best selection of Sea Hearts and polished Sea Bean jewelry

The luck of the surf washes a SeaHeart ashore. Perhaps lucky surf has brought you here too? Welcome to the SeaHeart Beach Shop. Here you will find the world's best selection of SeaHearts and polished Seaheart jewelry.

Sea heart necklace and lucky charm

Sea Heart Jewelry Gifts come gift packaged with Legend Storybook

Carry a Sea Heart at the end of your Key Chain, or wear one as an Amulet Necklace, or just keep yours close as your Lucky Charm. This playful seed is warm and alive. It is a testament to the will to survive, the tenacity for life and the potency of persistence! A Sea Heart inspires hope, promotes strength and is a powerful life force! Embrace the beauty and wisdom of this rare seed; it is a messenger from nature with a cry for consciousness, from a magical place, once forgotten by time. Find your Sea Heart/strong>! And let the Legend continue... with you!

Sea Heart talismans, Polished Sea Bean Key chains, Sea Heart Necklace Pendants and sea bean jewelry

Unique in so many ways each Sea Heart will have its own individual shape, size and characteristic scars of a life well travelled. The Sea Heart we use in creating Sea Heart gifts and jewelry are jungle seeds found, selected and meticulously polished to enhance their natural grain and beauty. Choose from lovely Satin Bags in a variety of colors or a clever little Paper Mache Window Box. All Sea Heart gifts come with an illustrated "Legends of the Sea Heart" storybook that is filled with facts, fiction and lore.
Seaheart Satin Bags and Sea heart Legend
Shop Seaheart Talismans,Seaheart Keychains and Seaheart Pendant Necklases
Respect and Guidance
Our philosophy and respect for nature is infused with jewelry making craftsmanship and artistry to bring you wonderful seaheart necklaces, key chains and talismans.

Each Seaheart gift is creatively packaged in luxurious satin pouches embroidered with the SeaHeart logo, or they are housed in smart little paper mache window boxes.
Every Seaheart package includes the delightful 16 page illustrated "Legends of the Seaheart" book that tells of the incredible journey, rich folklore and divine significance of owning a SeaHeart.

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View the SeaHeart legend Book

Discover the SeaHeart on a special Photo Journey


Natural Heart shaped Rainforest seed talismans, Heart shaped Pendant necklaces and heart shaped key Chains made from legendary Heart shaped Drift seeds called Sea Heart Sea Beans or Lucky seeds.



WHAT"S a Sea Heart?

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Shop in confidence with our 100% money back satisfaction guarantee, offers one stop shopping for the best in Retail and Wholesale Barefoot Sandals foot jewelry, beaded body jewelry accessories and unique sea heart gifts.

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