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Journey of a Sea Heart


In the Heart of Darkness, there is a magical seed shrouded in Legend.
Scientifically known as Entada Gigas (gigantic seed) the seeds of this pan tropic species are truly magnificent.
This is their story.


Journey of a Sea Heart
Journey of a Sea Heart


Pouring from the earth like a botanical boa constrictor, the thick woody vine of the Entada Gigas slithers across the Rainforest floor and clings to trees on its rapid ascent towards the sunlight. Growing at an astonishing rate of 1-3 inches per day, the jungle vine can grow 100 feet in 18 months! High in the trees Entada vines create a network of arboreal highways, joining the canopy, in what the forest people call "monkey ladders."


Entada gigas base rootSerpent like vine slithers



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