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Nyoshoos Barefoot Sandals Foot jewelry Luxury Satin pouch Jewelry Travel Bags Puff pouch with 8 pockets Stretch Beaded Bellybands, anklets and Foot Jewelry
Goddess - Hand Jewelry Slave Bracelets glows under UV light
Seaheart  Lucky heart shaped pendants and Sea bean Lucky Talisman, portable camping hammocks Get Anklets and Toe Rings

Barefoot Sandals- The Barefoot Jewelry that toes the name Nyoshoos™ (No Shoes) are the original Barefoot Sandals that kicked off the Barefoot jewelry fad with the InStyle Magazine feature of a barefoot Anne Heche wearing Nyoshoos™ Barefoot Sandals.

Over a decade later, the Toe thong Foot Fetish fad still has legs to stand on; proving that being barefoot is no passing fashion fad, and that as long as women love to adorn their bodies in jewelry; then will be there to accessorize their feet in a rainbow of colors of Nyoshoos Barefoot Sandals foot jewelry.

Chrome Nyoshoos™ (No Shoes) Barefoot Sandals foot jewelry as seen on Anne Heche in InStyle Magazine is still our most popular seller; and White Wedding and the new Honeymoon Pearl Nude shoes have also been very popular with destination weddings and beach bridal affairs.

Nyoshoos make the perfect beach wedding shoes, wedding favor and bride maids gift ... but not just for beach weddings, brides everywhere love dancing barefoot at their why not wear Nyoshoos!

Since 1997, has been one of the top best shopping sites for finding affordable Barefoot Sandals that are super comfortable and come in a large color selection.

With over 26 color styles of barefoot Sandals to choose from, you can match your foot jewels with your favorite attire for beach, cruise, pool, yoga, costume party. . . or anywhere you dare to go bare!
Our Barefoot Sandals are handmade on a loom with glass seed beads on strong elastic; they are made to LAST and stretch; so ONE SIZE FITS ALL.

They are also the most comfortable bare foot Jewellery design, because they fit flat against the top of your foot, making them the ONLY Barefoot Sandals that you can wear either barefoot or with shoes like open toe sandals, slides and thongs.

Nyoshoos™ Barefoot Sandals Foot Jewelry come as a pair in a fabric shoe bag inside an adorable sandal box gift packaging that looks like "babies first shoes" or a miniature beach sandal flip flop thong.
Shop for the BEST on the NET in Barefoot Sandals Toe Thongs; available in dozens of solid color and multi colored pattern styles with cool names like Purple Haze, Eve, and Moonlight.

With a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee, offers one stop shopping for the best in Retail and Wholesale Barefoot Sandals foot jewelry, and beaded body jewelry accessories.

More exclusive Body and foot jewelry: Glass seed beaded Toe Rings, Anklets, Armbands, Belly Chains, Slave Bracelets and Barefoot Sandals that stretch for the best fit, comfort and style!

Discover The Nude Collection; Our Premium line of beaded barefoot jewelry and beaded body jewelry accessories - Nude Shoes, Nude Belly, Nude Ring and Nude Toe Rings, are featured in 4 shimmering color styles: Valentine Red, Mardi Gras Gold, Midnight Blue and Honeymoon Pearl.

The Nude Collection is our very best in beadwork and the Nude Shoe Barefoot Sandals Toe thongs which are similar to the Nyoshoos, have an even tighter weave and construction giving the Nude Shoe barefoot Sandals perfection and finishing with sophistication and an attention to detail.

Enjoy the comfortable stretch of the Nude Toe rings, finger rings, belly chains and barefoot sandals and also check out the Orbit Line of beaded Anklets, Armbands and Toe rings in a variety of color styles that match with Nyoshoos.

Best New Fashion Accessory - Our latest fashion jewelry must have - Is the Goddess Venus Hand Jewelry Slave Bracelet - A stretch beaded Barefoot Sandals for your hand!

The Goddess slave bracelet is another Seaheart internet exclusive! Available in lots of cool metallic colors and some styles with beads that Glow under UV black lights!

Shop for the best on the net for beaded stretch Toe Rings, Finger Rings, Thumb rings, Barefoot Sandals, Belly Chains, Anklets, Armbands, Chokers, and Slave bracelet hand jewelry.

SEA BEANS AND SEA HEARTS: Ocean Explorers and The Heart of the Sea.
Shop for Sea Bean jewelry, Sea bean key chains, sea bean necklaces, Lucky sea heart talismans, Sea heart lockets, Sea Bean fan pulls and beaded Sea heart pendant necklaces.

Sea Beans and Sea Hearts are rare tropical drifts seeds that grow from gigantic vines and bean pods in the Amazon Rainforest. Lucky SeaBeans float across the ocean and capture the imagination of those fortunate beachcombers who find one!

Search the beach wrack or Look no further than as your Source for finding rare rainforest drift seeds, like the Hamburger Sea Bean and the infamous Lucky Amazon Sea Heart seed.
Discovered among the layers of vegetation debris on the jungle floor, the Sea beans and Sea hearts we find are the very best, as we select and choose each seabean for their unique shape, character and beauty.

A gift from nature delivered from far away lands, the floating sea beans and magical sea hearts are a message in a bottle, bringing all the romance and allure of sea travel and destiny.

Brilliantly polished and lovingly hand crafted, these sea pearls are created into popular curio jewelry like the , sea bean keychain, Lucky Charm Sea Heart Talismans, and one of a kind Sea Heart Box Lockets, seabean fan pulls, and beautiful Sea bean necklaces and Sea heart Pendant necklaces.

Sea HEART Jewellery is Art from the Sea.
Seaheart jewelry is natural and alive! You can feel the life force and warm energy that radiates from the Seaheart as you fondle it in your hand.

Seabeans are symbolic of love, life, hope and a will to survive and persevere.
The Sea heart and Sea Bean are the perfect gift to share sincere sentiments and wishes of luck, health and prosperity. They are ready to give and are gift packaged in your choice of 3 colors of satin bags with embroidered Sea heart logo, or an eco friendly paper Mache window gift box.

Every Seaheart gift also comes accompanied by the 16 page color illustrated mini story book, "Legends of the SeaHeart"  - a delightful light read that shares fact, fables and fantastic folklore of the Voyage of the Sea Heart.

Jewellery Travel Bag Organizer; The Satin PUFF Pouch Jewelry Travel Bag.

Whether you are shopping for a totally original gift idea or just want the latest trends in beaded body jewelry accessories, has the goods; and now we have the perfect safe place to keep them in - Introducing the PUFF Pouch Jewelry Travel Bag & Organizer.

Another great gift idea exclusive to, The Puff Pouch is a fabulous Jewelry Travel Bag that stores, protects and organizes your precious jewelry valuables.

Impeccably sewn using the finest imported Shimmering Satin taffeta fabrics; the Puff pouch is available in dozens of scrumptious fashion color combinations.

The Puff Bag Travel accessory is easy to find in your luggage and looks fabulous on your vanity or night stand. Puff Pouches also hold lots of jewelry, with a large section in the middle for necklaces and chucky jewelry, the bag also features 8 inside storage pockets perfect for protecting and organizing your smaller jewelry valuables. No more tangled chains, lost earrings, or scratched and broken jewelry. Don't leave home with out it. . .the Puff Pouch is jewelry's best friend and a girls favorite travel companion. Exclusively yours from


We invite you to window shop or browse through our testimonials, customer product reviews, or media publicity. We welcome you to Order with Confidence using our secure encrypted shopping cart. We offer fast world wide shipping from our New York and Montreal Offices by Air mail or UPS.
At Seaheart Inc, Your satisfaction is our commitment . . . a name you can trust; serving you the best on the net since 1997.

Exclusive gifts that are fun, original and memorable. Seaheart gifts leave a lasting memory, and there is an attention to detail and quality that will please you beyond your expectations. We encourage you to browse and shop and read our customer product reviews.


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Shop in confidence with our 100% money back satisfaction guarantee, offers one stop shopping for the best in Retail and Wholesale Barefoot Sandals foot jewelry, beaded body jewelry accessories and unique sea heart gifts.

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